UP3DTools little how to

Due to the demand I wrote a small how to for the UP3DTOOLS

You can find small notes also on my github directly: https://github.com/MaikStohn/UP3D

A nice GUI application is in the works, but this will take some time.

The tools now can be used like this:
1.) slice your object and save the myobject.gcode file to the same folder as you have the 3 downloaded tool (up3dtranscode, up3dload and up3dshell)
Windows: make a folder “C:\UP3DTOOLS” and put things there
MacOS: make a folder on your Desktop “UP3DTOOLS” and put things there
Linux: … you know how to do …

2.) Make sure the original UP software is not open before you continue

3.) Turn printer on, you don’t need to initialize.

4.) open a command prompt / terminal / shell
Windows: Press <Windows>+<R>  key and in the “Run…” dialog type cmd and press enter
MacOS: click on spotlight search icon and type terminal and press enter
Linux: … you know how to …

5.) change to the folder with your .gcode file and the 3 tools
Windows: type cd C:\UP3DTOOLS and press enter
MacOS: type in cd Desktop/UP3DTOOLS and press enter
Linux: … you know how to …

6.) run the transcoder (personally I like to use “.umc” as extension for UpMachineCode)
ALL: type up3dtranscode machine myobject.gcode myobject.umc 123.1 and press enter
(First parameter is your machine type: mini / classic / plus / box)
(Last parameter is the nozzle height. Usually add 0.2mm to your existing nozzle height from UP software. E.g. in UP software you have 122.9 then try 123.1)

7.) run the uploader
ALL: type up3dload myobject.umc and press enter
(printer will start automatically after uploading, the heated bed is turned on first and apx. after 3 minutes the print starts)

8.) OPTIONAL: run up3dshell if you like to see progress on your computer (layer/height/percent/time remaining):
ALL: type up3dshell and press enter (use <Ctrl>+<C> to exit the program, print will continue)

(You also can start the original UP! Software after uploading to monitor the print progress)