UP! mini G-Code transcoder part1

Finally I managed to decipher the last machine command (CMD4) and was able to build a encoder for it.

In the video below you can see my UP! mini running at insane speeds (700mm/s).

In the video: Move 100 mm in x and y at 200,250,300,…,700 mm/s, then a test sequence I use to track down some rounding errors (off by 1-3¬†steps)

UP(mini) has a lot more speed than you might think.

128 micro stepping, accelleration 5000, vmax 700mm/s (last move)

854 steps/mm — stepping frequency for 700mm/s = apx. 600 kHz !!!


Github URL for the project: https://github.com/MaikStohn/UP3D